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"Though I don't have a heart, why do I feel so hurt..."

"There's no way I want to dance on Xemnas' strings."

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Name: Xion
Age: 16 (2 and 6 months)
Gender: ♀
Wings: Violet
Weapon: Her swaxe and her magic.
: All her friends, sea salt ice cream, kindness, sunsets, being useful, learning, pretty dresses
: Deception, quiet, being alone, helplessness, Saïx, confrontation
Once upon her time, Xion was not her own. A puppet, a toy, a mistake, a weapon, a nonexistent memory. Used, abused, cast aside, and cut down - that was her fate. But Luceti changed everything by finally handing her the reigns to her own life.
She's older now. She's suffered and matured, learned to cry and grown a spine. Above all, she's decided she's worth something. With her friends and the hope of a future to buoy her, Xion has grown far beyond what she once was into something she could never have imagined.
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