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09 May 2012 @ 12:00 am
I will pretty this up later. But!

Appointments post! Use this for one-off interactions that would be difficult to do elsewhere, like messages or other isolated meetings/run-ins/etc. Just include the date, time, and choice of [action/voice/written] in the subject line of your comment.
20 January 2012 @ 12:00 am
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Updated: 3/20/11
15 January 2012 @ 11:18 pm
This journal has moved here.
26 September 2011 @ 03:27 pm
[ There is a girl in the village plaza who looks rather out of sorts as she sits on the ground, legs out to her sides, in a random sort of spot. She is kind of blank-faced as she stares at the other passers-by, with only a hint of confusion in her brow to betray how she's feeling.

Though it might be hard to see her face clearly under that short cape she's got on. It's black, with silver tassels. And though she's trying to watch what's going on around her, at the same time, it's like she wants to hide. But then, why isn't she moving away?

Maybe it has something to do with the carton of eggs on the ground next to her.

Though it probably has something to do with the fact that she now has white wings for arms. Can't really pick up a carton of eggs when you don't have hands, can you?

So the strange hooded girl with the feathered arms, at a loss, will just sit there for a while trying to figure out what to do.

God help you if you step on her eggs, though.

"'Poor little ugly duckling!" she would say. 'Why are you so different from the others?' And the ugly duckling felt worse than ever. He secretly wept at night. He felt nobody wanted him.

'Nobody loves me, they all tease me! Why am I different from my brothers?'"

(ooc; The Ugly Duckling, everybody. And yes, the pic is just a reference -- her feathers are actually white, not brown, and she's not wearing any other pieces of that costume. Cape, bird arms, and then her normal clothing beneath.)
31 August 2011 @ 12:23 am
[ It's been a long few days. Not nearly as long as it was for those on the draft -- a fact of which she is keenly aware -- but her heart feels so sore. Miyabi is dead, Kairi returned with a broken leg, Elicia reverted back to a little girl and left her that message that was so bittersweet... She feels a powerful need to find Nami and Sanji, to talk to both of them, but ... that ... maybe that should wait. Until she can look at them without crying... and comfort them, instead of being a burden. In the meantime, she needs to focus on something else -- actually put her energy into something useful.

An idea has been brewing in her mind for some time. And all of this mess -- all the pain and the fighting -- and Luke, coming to her just days before with a request -- has finally prompted her to act on it.

In her room there are quite a lot of books. They vary widely in subject, but there is one solid section dedicated entirely to medical texts, ranging wildly in their complexity. Teaching herself has been difficult; basic first aid is all well and good until you have to use it in an emergency situation, and anything beyond that...

Well. You just can't learn everything from a book. She knows that... has known for a long while she probably needed to do something like this. So when she opens up the journal, turning on the video function, she looks pensive.... but also quite serious. ]

Are there any doctors in the village who'd be willing to take on a student? I -- I know some magic methods of healing, but ... [ She shakes her head. ] I want to learn the real thing. I promise I'll work hard. Really hard. This means a lot to me.

[ A beat. ] And, if ... anyone in the village would like to learn some healing magic... [ She's already been teaching Haruhi, and now Luke. ] ... I'd like to help. I know some magic from my own world, plus I've got a lot of practice with Nala.

[ After that, a thought occurs to her. ]

( Draco | Locked 90% )

Can I ask you something?
Um... hi. [ She feels a little awkward, not knowing how to begin -- but she softens it with a laugh. ] It's been over a week now ... I wanted to thank everyone who's been taking care of me, and everyone who's come to see me at the clinic! It made me really happy. [ A beat ] And look, I'm even outside today!

[ She turns the journal away from her and holds it up. Anyone who cares to look will see the jewel blue sky and a few tree canopies creeping into the edge of the frame, from where they overhang the path. There is a quiet laugh as she does it -- and a murmur of "you dork," both from a male voice. Xion's own quiet response is to laugh, and return gently, "I am not!"

It's been getting better, doing things with her hands. Her whole right side is still sore, but it's come a long way from the hideous, blistered mess that it was the night of the fight. It's a little easier to use her left hand ... her wrist and her shoulder are still healing too, but they're easier to handle. Thank goodness for being ambidextrous, right?

Slowly, she lowers the journal back down, taking care so she doesn't accidentally close it. As a result, the journal catches a glimpse of someone standing beside her -- probably the source of that laugh and comment. But then it's just Xion again, smiling. She seems pretty content, even despite the fact that she's still recovering. ]

... it's a really nice day out, today.

[ She looks up at the sky again, pausing briefly. And then her expression clouds, and becomes a little more serious. And just in case -- if he is back, if he would hear it -- she'll filter this. ]

( Locked FROM Vanitas | 100% )

Although... if anyone's seen Vanitas, if he's back ... [ Her eyes narrow. Not in anger, not in concern, but ... a quiet, vaguely troubled thoughtfulness. Yes, she knows ... what happened to him. ] ... I'd just like to know.

[ The other voice pipes up again. "Ready to go?" And the feed, for now, cuts off.

They'll be making their slow but steady way to the village plaza, where Xion, tired from the trek, will end up parked on a bench while Luke gets some food for them. Feel free to bother them at any point along this route -- he'll be supporting her and helping her walk with an arm around her waist. You could catch them on the way back to the clinic too, but, well, by then, Luke might be
carrying Xion, and she might well be dozing in his arms. ]
01 July 2011 @ 11:41 pm
[ Today, you are having a perfectly normal day. Perhaps you are on your way to the battle dome. Perhaps you're walking home along the path. Perhaps you're in the middle of town. Or perhaps you're heading further north.

If you're anywhere along this meandering south-to-north route, a young girl is going to slam into you at a full tilt. She's very sorry; she didn't see you there. But she's got this sense of absolute panic she can't quite shake, and she wants to get home right this moment.

In her disorientation, she has, of course, forgotten she can access magical portals of darkness. Forgive her; after all, she spent rather a long time here without them! And who wants to be messing about with the forces of darkness when they are too panicked to think straight?

Anyway, she may slam into you so hard that you both fall over. Or maybe she'll just knock you off balance. Either way, there is now a very startled, dazed, and still somewhat panicked teenager staring at you with wide eyes. She's barefoot, and her dress is dirty, but she seems otherwise alright. What will you do? ]
( Private | Locked 100% )

It's still hard to believe so much has happened recently. It feels like things haven't stopped since that experiment. That's just Luceti, though. Things are always like this. But I'm still not sure what I want to do. Or what I should do.

It's raining today. There's something really peaceful about it. I wish I could go outside.

[ There's a pause, after that, where she just looks out the window at the driving rain and sets down her pen. Coming home soaked probably wouldn't be the best idea... and she couldn't bring her journal out there. And she has things she wants to address, today... a lot of things have been on her mind. So, with a sigh, she'll set up a few filters, switching to voice as she does so. First things first... ]

Ginko | Locked 100%Collapse )

Chouji and Miyabi | Locked 50%Collapse )

[ There's another pause, after this. A pause where she sets her journal down, and gently pulls up over her head the chain she wears around her neck. For a quiet moment, she contemplates the pretty ring dangling from it -- with its blue stone, and its volumes of meaning. She thinks of Sanji's words.

Gently she lowers it into one hand, letting the chain pool in her palm, then picks the journal back up to address the populace at large. ]

( Open To All )

... what does the word "forever" mean to you? ... and I'm not talking about the dictionary definition. [ With faint humor.

cut for tl;dr introspection/not cut IClyCollapse )

( Replicas (?) | Locked 100% )

... I hope I made this filter right. Only ... only replicas, or clones, should be able to see this. I wanted to know ... how many of us were out there.

[ "Us." She keeps her voice admirably steady, considering how terrifying this is to voice. But maybe ... just maybe, something good will come of it. ]

(ooc; Hideous, long post is hideous and long. Regarding the last filter! I'll leave it up to mun discretion if your character will fit under the filter. Obviously those termed Replicas or clones in canon will be able to see it, but for those of you who otherwise aren't sure, feel free to ping me on AIM at spark memories or just shoot me a PM. ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE THREADJACKING IN THE REPLICAS FILTER BECAUSE WHY NOT. GO NUTS.

Also: will be working on my outstanding threads, I promise. >>! I just needed to get this up. also again, THIS IS BACKDATED SO HARD.)
06 May 2011 @ 11:55 pm

[ There is a creature in the plaza.

Though initially it hid behind the clothing shop, it seems to be venturing out now, just slightly ... looking for an opening to sneak away.

Can this creature summon portals on its own? Xion does not understand it, this body. She has seen these things before, of course, but to BE one? It's strange and terrifying. She'd known before, when she had Sora's face, felt it, but ... hadn't that been an exception? She'd tried -- right now, she couldn't even talk. And she could
feel it. This wrong face, this wrong body, not hers. The only thing that might mark her, right now, is a curious (possibly cruel) artifact the Malnosso let her keep upon her return. Around the creature's neck, on a chain, is a ring. Xion does not seem to have realized it is there. She has rather more important things on her mind, after all.

Turned into a Dusk. The one threat Xemnas always turned on his members should they become unruly. She'd known. But how... he's not here! She'd only been taken for a night at most. How could the Malnosso....

What is wrong with her?

Should you be about in the evening, you may see this creature trying to rush, twist, and dart its way back to house 14 in that odd, swaying way Dusks seem to move.

But be careful if you run into her while you're out -- she just might turn into someone else entirely. ]

(ooc; all replies will come from aboysface, and probably tomorrow, as I am heading to bed. |Db)
26 April 2011 @ 05:28 am
[ ...

It's around 5 AM that this goes up. ]

[ Filtered from parents, grandparents, etc (though not any other relatives) | Locked 95% ]

Has anyone had dreams where they were... someone else entirely? I don't mean like living a different life. I had those too. I mean ... literally being someone else. In a different body and everything. It's ...

[ Scary. A frown tugs down the corner of her mouth. ]

What about ... different places? Like ... like there were other worlds out there. Lots of them, not just one.

[ Her dreams were vague, and fragmented, but she thinks she remembers... a city in a desert. And a place that was dark, and spooky, with all these tombstones and ghosts...

But what woke her up was something else entirely. A disturbing dream about being stuck in some sort of pod in a bright white place... and a man with long silver hair and orange eyes staring at her. Why had he been there? What had he wanted with her?

Why had it hurt like that? So sharp, and suffocating...

Her dreams suggest... something. Another person. But she's almost afraid to ask. Still... ]

[ Sora | Locked 100% ]

... Sora? Can I talk to you?

[ As soon as she finishes saying the words she feels silly for asking. What can he tell her? After all, they're just friends... not even best friends, like her and Ven are. Even if he was in her dreams.... Nnnn. Stupid Shifts... Maybe she should just go back to sleep. ]

(ooc; source for Xemnas being a creeper is here for the curious, at the section that starts with "Where am I?"

also to clarify, late, the post is only filtered from her direct maternal and paternal lines. that is, sanji, nami, hughes, alexei, brook... etc. all other relatives, aunts/uncles/cousins/siblings/whatever, are fine.)